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Off-road vehicle for everyday use, touring and more: the Flyer Goroc TR:X

Off-road vehicle for everyday use, touring and more: the Flyer Goroc TR:X

sCanteen / Cologne. With the Goroc TR:X, the Flyer brand will release a crossover electric bike in spring 2024 that can be used as a trekking bike for daily missions and long tours, as well as a sporty mountain bike.

The basis is a massive carbon frame with an aluminum rear wheel triangular rocker arm, which attaches to a Fox damper down the top tube. The Flyer promises 13 cm of spring travel for the rear wheel and Fox suspension fork, which, with 29 studded wheels and tires, also allows for sporty off-road riding.

Combining a powerful 85 Nm electric motor and 12-speed gearbox in a single housing, the Pinion MGU unit provides the necessary thrust and corresponding shift range. Power goes to the rear wheel via belt drive, and power comes from a 700Wh battery built into the downtube. A range extender should be available as an option.

The Goroc TR:X will be offered by Flyer as both a refined and sporty mountain bike and as a versatile everyday bike with mudguards, luggage rack, side stand and lighting system. Thanks to the communication solution and application, route planning, navigation and incoming calls can also be integrated into the screen operating system. The folding lock and digital key should provide protection against thieves.

Goroc TR:X will be available as Pedelec and S-Pedelec. Prices will start at around 8,700 euros.