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OFC: Stadtallendorf for Ristic is not a last resort

OFC: Stadtallendorf for Ristic is not a last resort

Wake-up calls: Oceania coach Srito Restic.

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“It goes without saying that we all applaud them far away,” says Srito Rystic, coach of the regional soccer team Kickers Offenbach, before the home game against bottom club Eintracht Stadtallendorf. The opponent is not a typical bottom of a table.

Offenbach – Even Offenbacher’s strong season record in matches on artificial turf (three wins, 14: 4 goals) does not change Srito Rezic’s opinion. “This is not the surface of professional football,” explains the Oceania coach. Especially at this time of year. In order to prepare for the new mode, the kickers changed deck in pre-match training at TSV Schott Mainz and promptly complained of another failure. Home-grown Vincent Moreno deformed his foot, injured the epiphysis, and will be out for several weeks.

Even after the match, some players complained about complaints. “Perhaps the opponent chose two of our players,” said Ristic, referring to Mainz’s sometimes difficult style against Tony Deniz and Florent Boudjaj. But not only did the duo have to struggle with the fallout of the match on the hard surface. “You can feel some muscles that you didn’t know you had,” the coach joked.

Restic is happy to be able to play the game on Saturday (2 pm) at home against the last Eintracht Stadtallendorf on natural green soil, even if he had won 4-1 on synthetic turf in his first go. The 45-year-old doesn’t want to know anything about a sure success.

“It goes without saying that we should all kick them away,” says Restic. “But I think we’ll have to fight them, too.” Because Eintracht Stadtallendorf is not at its lowest level, according to the OFC coach. “They play with courage and defend reasonably.” There are also good and interesting players in the team. The clan includes former Offenbaker player Mirko Geisler on the right in defense. The attacking midfielder Del Angelo Williams (77 regional league matches, 24 goals) has played 12 times in the Third Division. “I’m surprised they have so few points,” says Restic. Stadtallendorf had only twelve points out of 33 matches. The team also ranks last in terms of the number of goals scored (26). (Written by Christian Duncher)