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Oesch is the third party: a souvenir photo of Melanie, Kevin and Mike

They are celebrating their 25th birthday

Do you recognize these Swiss stars?

They have been on stage together for 25 years. Now the Osh siblings are posting a sweet keepsake photo of their silver wedding anniversary.


These three have been making music together since childhood.

With gaps in their teeth and uncanny, three children smile for the camera. Today they are among the most successful Swiss musicians and are already celebrating their Silver Day. It’s none other than Melanie Ochs (34), Mike Ochs (33) and Kevin Osh (31) of Osh Day Dre.

The three siblings write the first lines of their song “Singe & Feschte” to the photo from their younger years: “1997 to 2022, who would have thought git 25 – hey, what an annual speech. The tale of remembrance, hits where it stays forever – I I lie zrugg: Oh my beautiful gsi. »