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Oculus Quest 2 Foam can cause skin irritation

Oculus Quest 2 Foam can cause skin irritation

Foam inserts in the Oculus Quest 2 can cause skin irritation. That is why about 5,000 models have been recalled and sales are temporarily halted.

The basics in brief

  • Users have complained of rashes when using the Oculus Quest 2.
  • Therefore, Facebook is reconnecting the affected devices and halting sales.
  • The virtual reality headset will now be reviewed and examined.

Facebook calls retail Oculus Quest 2 again. This is after users complained of rashes and itching during use.

The reason for this must be the foam used. The company announced the draw on

Next will be sell virtual reality glasses temporarily suspended. Strict action seems appropriate due to more than 5,000 complaints.

Now Facebook wants to replace the foam entries. Furthermore, adjustments must be made to the manufacturing process. This is what the group wants Ensure that it is safe and convenient to use again for all users.

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