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Oberliga Hammer Eisbären ice hockey club with a wide box to the hands

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to: Peter Schwenker

After the 4-0 victory over the Black Dragons from Erfurt (photo), Hammer Eisbären also became confident leaders of the championship in Hannover. © Bruce

Under new head coach Joshua Mezrick, the Polar Bears climbed to eighth place in the Ice Hockey League. Friday night they also want to tease the sovereign leaders in a guest appearance on the Hanover Scorpions.

Important – 35 matches, 33 wins: With 99 points, the Hanover Scorpions currently lead the table in the ice hockey Northern Oberliga, 23 (!) Points ahead of their pursuers Tilburg Trappers. It will not be possible to exclude the Wedemarkers preliminary round championship. Hammer Eisbären, who have been a huge hit lately, won’t be able to change anything about that, as they will be playing their last game before the end of the year with the Scorpions on Friday night (8pm).

Just a little preparation

Hamm coach Joshua Mezyrick answered the question of how the team could prepare for such a task with a smile after the 4-0 win over Erfurt. “We only have one day to prepare. The Scorpions are the exceptional team in the league. First of all, we have to focus on our game and we will see what happens.”

No one in the polar bear camp believed in a surprise like the Hanoverian Indians a few days earlier. The Hammers had never scored against the Scorpions since their Oberliga affiliation, and most of them were losing very clearly. “We’ve been getting closer and closer lately,” says sporting director Ibrahim Weissleder. The table clearly shows the quality of the Hanoverians in their ranks. But we have proven in the last few weeks that we can upset the big teams. At least that’s what we want to experience on Friday night.”

With the exception of defender Tim Marek, who is still injured, coach Mizerek is in Hannover.