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NZXT with the new H7 Flow case and ATX 3.1 power supplies

NZXT with the new H7 Flow case and ATX 3.1 power supplies

NZXT is present at Computex alongside several hardware manufacturers and introducing new products. The company has revised its H7 Flow case, and as it announced, it has entered a “new era.” The enclosure is said to have retained the shape of the middle tower and was inspired by the two-chamber enclosure.

New H7 Flow and C-Series power supplies in Gold and Platinum

According to NZXT, the inside of the case has been redesigned and now offers a vertical layout for the power supply, allowing three 120mm fans to be mounted at the bottom for direct airflow to the graphics card. The H7 Flow still comes with three 120mm fans on the front, and supports radiators up to 430mm at the front and up to 360mm at the top. The case is also advertised as having mesh panels for dust filtration, tool-free access, and an “intuitive” cable management system. A variant with RGB fans is also available. NZXT H7 Flow cost (released June 2024):

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NZXT is also introducing new power supplies, specifically those for the Gold and Platinum certified C series of existing graphics cards. The manufacturer confirms that these come with support for ATX 3.1 and PCI Express 5.1 standards. In addition to the three Gold Series power supplies (C850, C1000, and C1200), there's the C1500 Platinum, a digital power supply said to offer more precise voltage regulation, higher efficiency, less ripple and less coil buzz than analog power supplies. .

C series power supplies
Source: NZXT

C series power supplies

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A 140mm magnetic lift fan operates in the power supply, providing “higher performance, improved dust resistance, lower noise and longer life compared to a liquid storage fan,” NZXT reveals. With two 2 x 6 12V ports, the C1500 Platinum is ready to power the next generation of graphics cards. Cost of C Series power supplies (released June 2024):

source: NZXT