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NWA USA # 14 Results & Report from Atlanta, Georgia, USA from 04/16/2022 (including video of the full event)

NWA USA # 14 Results & Report from Atlanta, Georgia, USA from 04/16/2022 (including video of the full event)

Source: National Wrestling Alliance

National Wrestling Alliance “NWA USA # 14”
Location: GPB Studios, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
First Broadcast: April 16, 2022 on Youtube

The whole show

May Valentine congratulates the Fixers on the start of the show. Jay Bradley explains that they are very sad after losing. It bothers him that he can determine who is number one through a tag team match. May take 1 competitor. He and Wrecking Paul Lekurski make it clear that we will fix the problem again.

Then it turns into the hall, where commentators Joe Gully and Velvet Sky greet the audience. Both talk about today’s work and refer to Mortons ’interview. The first match takes place in the following evening.

1. Competition
Singles competition
Jake Dumas defeated Eric Jackson by aprakadavar (spinning uranage).
Match time: 04:09

After the match, Dumas goes to Kyle Davis and asks him to bring a card. Dumas guesses that Davis created the Jack of Hearts card and says he has a good heart. He told Davis to check his bag. There Davis presents the Jack of Hearts card. Davis is very surprised by this trick and Dumas catches the card. A tongue “tada” occurs before Jackson enters the ring and strikes Jordan.

In the 60-second video, Mike Bennett lifts himself up. He talks about trying to be a “sports entertainer” in his career as a pro wrestler. He was fired twice in two years. The only positive memory of that time is that he was a fighter. His goal in the NWA is to prove himself and come out on top.

Kyle Davis interviews Kerry and Ricky Morton. Kerry Morton talks about his latest hit series. However, he is grieving the loss of Colby Corino because he only lost by external intervention. So he challenges another singles match. Corino must come out and hear the “cheat” slogans. He says he has no reason to give Kerry Morton a match. In addition, he always drags his father Ricky. WWE Hall of Famer tells Corino to talk seriously with his father Steve. After more teasing, Ricky Morton pushes Corino. This reiterates that he will not compete with Kerry.

NWA President William Gorgon joins commentators on today’s major event.

2. Competition
Singles competition
Nick Aldis defeated Aryan Divari by submitting on a cloverleap.
Match time: 11:41

The Altis may be celebrated under the tune of “Real World Champion”. This completes the release.

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