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Nvidia Geforce RTX: One-click overclocking without losing warranty

Nvidia Geforce RTX: One-click overclocking without losing warranty

With the update to the latest version, the new Nvidia application now handles fully automatic performance optimization for graphics cards from the last three generations Geforce RTX 2000 (“Turing”), Geforce RTX 3000 (“Ampere”) and Geforce RTX 4000 (“Ada Lovelace”). With the help of one-click overclocking without losing the warranty. Nvidia showed off the expanded feature set of its nine graphics driver user interface as part of new product demonstrations at the current Computex 2024 show in Taipei.

1-Click on Optimization without risk factor

Like Nvidia is now on GeForce Blog All Geforce RTX owners can “monitor and maximize” their graphics card's performance potential through the performance panel and its one-click automatic GPU tuning, he writes, while the new feature uses a detailed ten- to twenty-minute analysis process to determine the best possible GPU clock speed as well as Graphics memory and is applied after confirmation.

One-click overclocking (“GPU Tuning”)

Analysis processOverclocking

“This returning feature examines your system's performance characteristics and provides one-click automatic GPU tuning to optimize your GPU performance,” Nvidia said. In addition, the GPU tuner also performs regular checks of the specified values ​​to ensure that the best result can be achieved at all times. Nvidia explicitly states that this new type of overclocking does not affect the manufacturer's warranty and there is no risk to the end user of potentially losing the warranty.

Please note that overclocking your GPU may cause your computer to become unstable or cause visual artifacts to appear in some titles. However, automatic adjustment will not damage your graphics processor or void its warranty. -Nvidia-

Particularly experienced and skilled users can also set target values ​​for voltage, power, temperature and fan speed in order to achieve better tuning results, according to Nvidia.

Video recording in AV1 format at 120 fps

Another new feature of the Nvidia app is video recording using the AV1 codec at 120 frames per second, which aims to significantly improve the clarity and quality of recordings. To demonstrate the benefits of AV1, Nvidia recorded the opening scene of Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition using AV1 and H264 at 10Mbps and compared them accordingly.

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