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Nuclear fusion: China sets new records with hot plasma

Nuclear fusion: China sets new records with hot plasma

China is also making great strides in nuclear fusion research. Scientists at Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST) have clearly exceeded previous high levels of hot plasma generation.

According to Xinhua News Agency and South China Morning Newspaper A steady temperature of 120 million degrees Celsius could have been maintained during a 101-second period on Friday. The plasma was heated to 160 million ° C for at least 20 s. This means that time has now quadrupled since last year.

Researchers at EAST were also able to outpace their colleagues for the HL-2M tokamak, the second Chinese fusion machine. Last year, these devices kept 150 million degrees of hot plasma stable for 10 seconds. In general, however, fusion research is on the right track, if one takes off from the second parts of the first tests a few years ago. At the German Wendelstein 7-X, you will hopefully be able to start trials at the end of the year, which will then exceed the number of seconds and go up to half an hour.

The research is taking place all over the world

The aim of fusion research is to open a new form of energy generation for humanity that does not have to rely on limited resources. There’s still a long way to go before then. Around Strom To take advantage of the fusion of the nuclei of hydrogen atoms, the stability of the plasma must be maintained in the three-digit million-degree range over the long term.

To do this, you have to attach it to magnetic fields inside the fusion machine. Because there is no solid material that can be used to build a tube that can withstand these temperatures. There are different methods of forming magnetic fields, which is why it is essential to operate a whole series of test systems around the world – but each requires massive investment.

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