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Nuclear energy and gas: the green light for the EU's sustainability poster |  Podcast Economics |  DW

Nuclear energy and gas: the green light for the EU’s sustainability poster | Podcast Economics | DW

The EU Parliament decided: In the future, investments in gas and nuclear energy in the EU will be considered sustainable. MEPs agreed to the EU Commission’s proposal to include the two forms of energy in the so-called classification. The federal government should be happy with anything but the outcome.

Business games in Washington

In the United States, President Biden is under great pressure to control high inflation. His finance minister is now apparently planning to ease punitive tariffs on Chinese imports that were imposed four years ago. This would stimulate the economy and reduce costs to consumers. However, the plan is not without controversy.

The return of the euro crisis?

Drought is not the only problem Italy is currently dealing with. The debt-laden state’s public finances are also increasingly attracting the attention of financial markets. Experts such as Ifo President Clemens Fuest are already warning of a resurgence of the euro crisis. You can hear how justified these concerns are in the podcast.

Everything half wild?

Italy declared a state of emergency in five regions due to drought. This is Rome’s reaction to the months-long drought and problems of agriculture, especially in northern Italy. However, there should not be any restrictions for vacationers.

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