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NRW vaccination speed is now in the United States

According to Prime Minister Armin Lashset (CDU) the vaccination rate has now reached the United States in the most populous state, North Rhine-Westphalia. This Wednesday, in all probability, about one percent of the population in North Rhine-Westphalia will be vaccinated a day. Lacet said on Monday evening after a meeting of heads of state with President Angela Merkel (CDU) in Berlin that “this is as fast as the United States.”

In the last few weeks, people have been jealous of America. In the meantime we are ready to set the same pace here. This shows that the system and infrastructure in North Rhine-Westphalia are working properly. “We need enough vaccine and it will continue to be available in large quantities over the next few weeks so we can maintain this momentum until the summer,” Lacette said.

The vaccine from AstraZeneca is used more than anywhere else because in North Rhine-Westphalia the eleventh and twelfth doses can be taken from the bottle. Those who administer the vaccine would have managed it very meticulously. One million vaccine doses this week will be administered in a practice in North Rhine-Westphalia. “We want to keep the momentum going.”

The expected outcome of the vaccine priority in June will help protect industry groups with high risk ahead of time. Lacet: “I think the date set today is appropriate for June. Many in the Third Priority Group have put us at greater risk in the last 15 months.”

Lacette specifically mentions vendors in grocery stores that are always open, and everyone would have done their hard work in the beginning without the mask and Plexiglas. “Now their method of vaccination, I think they should be a special priority.” As well as bus drivers, firefighters and many others in the penal service.

You will have the opportunity to vaccinate everyone in June. In North Rhine-Westphalia these vaccines are then given by general practitioners, who now give priority to those who are chronically ill. Then everyone can make an appointment at the vaccination centers. You can still inject large doses.

The first thing that is needed now is to constantly consider and understand each other, the Prime Minister said. “Not everyone can do it all at once. The default includes restrictions for those who have been vaccinated and those who have been rescued. The mask and the distance are still part of it,” Lachet explained: “But the light at the end of the tunnel will be bright.”

As the vaccine progressed, ethical and legal issues arose. “It has always been important for me to say that violations of fundamental rights for all must be raised as soon as possible – for those who have been vaccinated and those who have not been vaccinated.” But the group of vaccinated persons must also – so that the emergency break can withstand the Federal Constitutional Court – have special rules. To this end, the Central Government has put forward important issues, following which an order should be issued. “I think it needs to be done soon so that we can get clarity.”

NRW-SPD leader Thomas Kutsatti warned against quick concessions to those who have been vaccinated. “The question of the special rights of vaccinated people has the potential for social explosiveness,” said Kutsati, the leader of the opposition in the state parliament, “Westwich Alzheimer’s Jeetung” (Tuesday). “The vaccine is still very low, so those who have been vaccinated can feel privileged to have been vaccinated.” Many more will be vaccinated today than tomorrow. “So when we talk about the benefits of being vaccinated, we need to think about the many people who still have to wait a long time for the vaccine.”