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NRW U12 Finals in Cole: ungrateful 4th place

NRW U12 Finals in Cole: ungrateful 4th place

(Photo: Krefeld Swimming Association 1972 V)

Krefeld. At the weekend, the top four under-12 teams in the West staged their tournament at a tournament in Palmstras. In addition to SVK as hosts, Rote Erde Hamm, Duisburg Amateurs and SGW Cologne compete.

The first encounter should be crucial for SVK. Duisburg ended the match with a score of 3: 6 goals. Hamm won the second match over Cologne 10-1. In the third match of the day, Cologne was forced to admit defeat again, this time against Duisburg, with a score of 4:11. The day ended with SVK and Hamm once again emerging from the water as match winners and beating a hapless Krefeld side by a score of 2:4.

SVK kicked off Sunday against Cologne at 10:00 AM in bright sunshine. The course of the match was characterized by many missed opportunities for Krefeld. The ball just doesn’t want to go into the goal. Krefeld remained the stronger team until the end, but Cologne won 2-1.

In the last match of the day, Hamm and Duisburg were equal in strength for a long time, so that after the third quarter the score was 3:3. In the end, the Duisburg team won first place and the gold medal with two more goals. Hamm followed in second and Cologne in third, and unfortunately, in front of their own fans, Krefeld could only manage a thankless fourth place.

The season is now over. The older age groups leave the team for the under-14s and the older kids move on from the under-10s and form a new under-12 team, led by coach Lukas Stofjes.

Good luck for the new season.

Playing for SVK: Janis Bonus, Benedikt Borgmann, Bennett Fiedler, Otto Goldbaum, Tom Kohler, Julius Mengeler, Robert Mecklenburg, Ben Sander, Mummy Schmitz, Hannes Passmann, Ivan Plit (TW), Benjamin Bulat, Leander Waldmann, Matthijs Zepp.

Coach: Lukas Stofges

SV Krefeld: ASC Duisburg 3:6
Re important: SGW Cologne 10:1
SGW Cologne: ASC Duisburg 4:11
SV Krefeld: Re-Ham 2:4
SV Krefeld: SGW Cologne 1:2
Re Ham: ASC Duisburg 3:5