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NRW-CDU: Federal Election List - Laschet in 1st place

NRW-CDU: Federal Election List – Laschet in 1st place

Chancellor’s candidate Armin Laschet committed himself to Berlin – regardless of the election outcome. The NRW CDU wanted him as the top candidate.

The Council of the Christian Democratic Union of North Rhine-Westphalia – Westphalian wishes to put the list of candidates for the federal elections in September in Dusseldorf on Tuesday (7 pm). Prime Minister and Candidate Chancellor Armin Laschet (60) should be in first place and thus become the top candidate for the NRW CDU.

The regional association of representatives of NRW-CDU will vote on the proposals on the state list on June 5 at a face-to-face event in Düsseldorf. He also met the state executive at a hotel in Dusseldorf on Tuesday in light of the low number of injuries.

Armin Lachette is not seeking direct authorization

Lachette, the federal chair of the CDU, does not appear to be aiming for a direct mandate. CDU Secretary General Joseph Hovenorgen said Laschet was not expected to compete in his hometown district federation Aachen I. So far, CDU health politician Rudolf Hencke holds direct mandate there. The meeting of the CDU Assembly is scheduled to take place in Aachen on Wednesday. Laschet has not officially commented on this yet. He had once won the direct jurisdiction of the Aachenstadt district in the 1994 federal election, but lost it again in the 1998 election.

Armin Laschet definitely wants to stay in Berlin

Unlike Laschet, the Social Democrats and the Greens’ candidates, Olaf Schulz and Annalina Burbock, run directly in one constituency – and both are in the same district of Potsdam. Chancellor Angela Merkel has always been a direct candidate in her West Pomerania constituency. In the 2017 federal election, she won the constituency for the eighth consecutive time.

Lachette had already made it clear that he wanted to stay in Berlin regardless of the outcome of the federal election on 26 September. When asked whether he would demand a “return ticket to Düsseldorf” in case of failure, Lachit told the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” newspaper: “Clear no.” (Dpa)

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