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Noxx is in second place in the hit review

Noxx is in second place in the hit review

NOXX released their debut album as a group on January 21, 2022 and went straight to #2 on the CH Album Charts. The hippie rock band, made up of Marco Vaseth (drums), Keith Maguire (bass), Tamara Muller (keyboards/instrument), Tamino Wegler (guitar/vocals), and Timo Geiser (guitar), was formed and rehearsed in Basel , but it sounds because of Weggler’s accent, he is more like a Graubünden.

NOXX was founded in 2017 as a solo project by Tamino Weggler while he was studying in Basel. This was followed by the release of two records (“Es halbs Kilo Songs” (2018) and “Dörfs es bizli zviel sii?” (2019)) before Weggler decided in the summer of 2019 with drummer Marco Faseth to continue NOXX as a band. from now on. Soon the idea of ​​recording the band’s first album appeared. Maguire, Mueller and Geiser gradually joined and by summer 2020 the formation was complete.

Album production with pitfalls – and how it affected the songs

In August 2020, NOXX started a crowdfunding campaign to fund the project. However, the registration date had to be postponed twice due to the pandemic. I worked on the third attempt and Roman Huber recorded the album in studio “-4” in Basel. You can hear 10 songs that sing about the problems of well-being with a touch of humor. Hence the title “Mimi…”, the spoken word for the sound of the world’s smallest violin. Since the pandemic got in the way, songs have been spontaneously created which deal with it directly or indirectly. The song “Maskapflicht,” for example, deals with the meaning and nonsense of federalism in the early phase of the pandemic, and “Igel Ignaz” describes the lockdown from the point of view of a resident of a prickly small town. But there are also unrelated songs from earlier, better times on the album. Examples include “Calanda isch Leba,” a catchy and slightly exaggerated hymn of praise for Graubünden beer, or “Mis Velo,” a song blown away by the faults of an old bike.

The epidemic accompanies the process to this day. So the release of records in Basel and Chur had to be postponed to June. Fortunately, the band was able to celebrate an alternate record launch on on Saturday a week ago, which was broadcast live on the radio. After these hardships, the band was more than happy to take second place in the charts with their first act and is looking forward to finally performing in front of a live audience in the summer.