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Now we know what happened to the cute dog in the remake

We can now tell you how the famous dog does in the remake.

On his mission to Spain in Resident Evil 4, Leon doesn’t experience much hospitality. But at least he found a furry friend in the 2005 original. Here the agent can free a dog from a bear trap, which later has another appearance.

However, in previews for the Resident Evil 4 Remake, there was a bit of a shock to fans of this cool detail: the dog and bear were still there, but any help came too late for the furry friend. So we wondered if the encounter was canceled without replacement or if the animal might come back mutated later. Now we know the answer.

Spoiler alert: The article contains spoilers for Resident Evil 4 Remake.

This is how Leon with the dog can rescue her originally

It was hard to miss the dog originally because we found him on his way to the village where he drew attention to himself whining.

The poor four-legged friend Leon found in nearly the same place in the remake is definitely dead as Door, but—you guessed it—maybe a different dog.

This is the poor dog we find in the remake at the very beginning.

This is the poor dog we find in the remake at the very beginning.

A little later, in the remake, we meet a lively furry friend who looks a lot like the animal from the original and is in the same predicament. We have indicated the exact location for you in the photo gallery below (Location).. Leon is able to free him again and just like in the old game, the animal runs away – and very quickly.

Obviously, the trap didn’t affect him much. No wonder: they don’t even harm Leon, they just stop him. As in the original, the dog Leon later comes to the rescue in a boss fight.

In fact, it turns out to be very useful there, as it distracts the boss El Gigante, which allows us to attack him well. And by the way: after the fight we can hear barking. If we look at it, we find the dog lying on a rock very relaxed. Since its fur has almost perfect camouflage colors, we have to take a very close look.

The concept pulls through

It was also surprising that Capcom would delete such a common detail without replacing it. The way the development team handles the dog is also a feature of the remake.

Capcom doesn’t completely reinvent the story for a reboot, but neither does it adopt it. Instead, the team deliberately continues to deceive fans of the old game.

The developers have taken well-known material and diversified it so cleverly that everyone who knows the original will be surprised. This is one of the reasons why the new version performs so well in our test linked above.

Did you enjoy the canine detail in the original game and are you glad it made its way into the reboot as well?