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Now Michael Wendler and Laura threaten their fans!

Now Michael Wendler and Laura threaten their fans!

This was not the way I intended! “OnlyFans” photos of Michael Wendler and Laura Muller make it free online. The problem is now looming.

The basics in brief

  • Michael Wendler and Laura Müller can be found on the “OnlyFans” platform.
  • However, fans of the two have to pay for the content.
  • Images from the platform can now be found online for free. Don’t go for a couple.

It should be her most recent source of income…

But their fans have made pop star Michael Wendler (49) and his wife, Laura Muller (21) a wrench in the works.

Instead of paying a nice amount on OnlyFans and asking for more or less sexy-Pictures To be happy, the thrust barrier has been tricked.

More and more immigrant lovers are posting pictures of payment online. And apparently not only bitterly Michael Wendler, but Laura too.

So the following can be read on the couple’s account. All content posted on this account is the exclusive copyright material of their respective owners, Laura Müller and Michael Norberg.

How do you feel about Michael Wedler and Laura’s ad?

Furthermore: “Subscribers are not allowed to distribute or post any content from OnlyFans or private accounts. Including photos, videos and other content posted here. »

Does Michael Wendler and Laura threaten his fans? It seems so. Failure to comply will certainly result in legal consequences.

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