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Now Julian Clasen has been spotted with a strange woman

Now Julian Clasen has been spotted with a strange woman

YouTuber Julian Claassen is seen with an unknown blonde woman who is not his wife Bibi.Photo: dpa/Christoph Soeder

Discussions about Bianca and Julian Claassen’s separation never end, as new photos and videos keep emerging. After circulating several photos that showed Youtuberin with a black haired man, Julian was also seen with another woman.

video up tik tok It shows a man talking familiarly to a woman. A little later he caress her butt and her hands are touching his back. The guy not only looks like Julian in his face but also wears the same outfit as Julian in his Instagram story. However, the woman seems so far unknown.

Julian Clasen and an unknown woman in the Cologne club.

Julian Clasen and an unknown woman in the Cologne club.screenshot / tiktok

Julian fans believe in the experience

to me “celebrity flashThe video is said to have been filmed at the Diamonds nightclub in Cologne. Perspective shows that the video may have been secretly recorded by an employee in the locker room. She captioned the “Julian Abi on the hunt” video, noting that the film’s ending did not appear to have anything to do with the woman Link. It looks like the nightclub went on for a long time, just before 3pm influencers Picture of the bed, the curtains drawn.

Many fans In the comments, however, sure that this is a double. Some share this assumption, as Pepe and Julian were said to have announced an “experiment” a few weeks ago.

A new supposed love affair with Bibi

The man who appears to be most familiar with Bianca in the photos is said to be Timothy Hale. He’s worked with the couple for the past four to five years and it looks like he was still at Julian’s birthday party at the end of April. At the beginning of May, he was then seen alongside Bibi in London, and they were later seen kissing on a catwalk.

Shortly after the first photos were posted, Julian confirmed the split Instagram And also that this came from Bibi.