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"Now it's 4th place!": db24's individual review of 2:3 vs Osnabrück

“Now it’s 4th place!”: db24’s individual review of 2:3 vs Osnabrück

By Luca Hayden and Imago (photo)

“Nevertheless, we can be proud of the performance shown,” said 1860 goalkeeper Marco Heller (25) after the 2:3 defeat at home to Osnabrück and the end of the rally. The goalkeeper isn’t out of the season yet: “It’s also about fourth now. We want to get the maximum return in the remaining games. Twelve points are still being grabbed.” db24 single review:

Marco Heller (Class 4): The goalkeeper was unusually insecure in the crowd game and crosses. However, on the line, he grappled as usual, before 2:3 he was a bit hesitant.

Fabian Grellinger (Tier 4): Offensively, the 21-year-old put on fewer accents than usual, as he was mostly defensive against the outstanding Opoku. Greilinger showed his usual fist in duels, but seemed overwhelmed by the lightning-fast Osnabrück player.

Stefan Salger (5th grade): The Minister of Defense, who will leave the Lions for Cologne in the summer, presented himself as too weak. Poor in duels and many bugs in the construction game. Partial Blame 0:1 goal. I had to stay in the locker room half the time.

Semi-Balakia (4th degree): unstable. Too far from his opponent before 0:1. Once he saved the ball in front of Opoku with a strong tackle. Unfortunately, he did not play any role in the offensive standards.

Yannick Deichmann (Class 3): With him you know what you are getting. An irrepressible will. The right-back was under much better control of his team than his opponent Grelinger. Offensively, however, he lacked a bit of subtlety. He was unlucky in Osnabrücker 3:2 when he was only able to hit the ball behind the line.

Quirin Minor (5th grade): He started strong at first – but then set the stage for 0:2 with a poor pass in midfield. He also participated in the third goal of Osnabrück. After his first mistake, Moll never found his way back into the game.

Eric Tallig (Grade 3): At the start of the match, the former Chemnitz player seemed nervous and was very inconspicuous. With his superb connection striking from distance to make it 1:2 and Marcel Bär’s own cast to make it 2:2, he brought the lions back into play. Next to Biancade is the best lion.

Richard Neudecker (Class 4): Very fickle in his performance. After a good performance in Freiburg this time it was a very poor match by the playmaker. Too shy in a duel before 0: 1, after 60 minutes he had to leave the field exhausted.

Merville Biancade (Third Division): The striker on loan from Heidenheim was the best lion. Time and time again he would dance his way through the Osnabrück defense and constantly radiate danger. Biancade put the temporary target of Talej in a perfect way. good performance!

Stephen Lakes (Class 4): Once again, Stefan Lakes looked unhappy and couldn’t help his team with today’s goal. The captain put himself at the service of the team and fought for every ball, but 1860 desperately needed goals from his number 7.

Marcel Bayer (grade 4): The top scorer (15 goals this season) managed a 2:2 equation in the meantime after strong preparatory work in Talej team. As usual, the striker ran a lot and was unlucky in the 22nd minute when he hit the crossbar with a sensitive shot. But only a few have been seen for long periods of time.

Leandro Morgala (Grade 3): He came to Salger after the break and was able to confirm his incredible talent once again.

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Dennis Dressel (5th grade): His path to FC St. Pauli – In 1860 he again missed an honorable farewell after being replaced. Hardly any ball contacts. kind of absentee.

Philip Steinhardt (fourth grade): In the role of the unfamiliar Joker, the left-back could not avoid defeat. His crosses were not very strong today.

Michael Kollner (grade 4): Suspended coach Löwen was missing as a motivator on the bench – and that was especially evident in the final stage. Why Kollner continues to replace striker Linsbachler, who has not scored a goal, remains a mystery.