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“Now I will pay my debts.”

“City, Country, Talent” winner Michael Wackerlin buys a washing machine with the prize money and pays off his debts. his big dream? He collaborated with Faith No More singer Mike Patton.

Michael Wäckerlin’s mailbox is full of inquiries. Since his victory in “Stadt, Land, Talent” he is “The Human Music Box” request more than ever.

Michael Wackerlin is happy with the win and the prize money of 100,000 francs: “I’m going to buy a washing machine with a tumble dryer and pay off my coaching debts,” he said in an interview with Blue News.

A very realistic wish: “The washing machine gives me freedom,” explains Michael Wackerlin, who lives in a communal apartment in canton Zurich.

Because Michael Wackerlin has very little free time. Either it works in one
80 percent of his workload is in the secretariat of a law firm or on his life’s project “The Human Music Box” Busy.

The 47-year-old will use the remaining prize money to pay off his coaching debts. He studied opera singing at the famous Scala in Milan, among others.

Wackerlin’s trump card is his versatility

It was no coincidence that Michael Wackerlin chose an acoustic mix for the final show. He wanted to show off how great his voice was – and it was an immediate success.

His closing song, “Torna a Surriento,” a Neapolitan ballad, was particularly well received by juror Johnny Fisher (“You touch me so deeply I can hardly recover”).

He has a special affinity for Neapolitan song. “The song is about home and homesickness,” says Wackerlin, who grew up in Latin America. From three to ten years old, the Wackerlin family lived in Paraguay and Guatemala. Sometimes even today he does not know where his home is.

But he knows one thing for sure: in the near future he wants to be human music box to give gas. He loved to perform at outdoor festivals in the summer.

But his biggest dream is something else: a collaboration with his idol, Mike Patton, frontman of the rock band Faith No More. The American singer’s vocal range impresses him. Wäckerlin: “I’ve admired him and his great talent since I was young.”

Michael Wackerlin has been in the music business for 27 years. He knows that planning is of little use. But big dreams are not forbidden.

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