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Now I don’t want to eat pizza in Italy anymore

Now I don’t want to eat pizza in Italy anymore

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Pizza is Italy and Italy is Pizza. At least that was the case until recently. How Zurich restaurants ruined this relationship.

Sina Albeger

Pizza – a dish that looks like a religion. Discussions about it are often more heated and emotional than any SVP initiative. I’m sure this is why relationships break up. The debate is not about whether you prefer Roman or Neapolitan.

No, it’s about more. How long does it take to cook the dough and how thick or thin is it? Is the cheese placed under or on top of the rest of the toppings and which one do you use? Buffalo mozzarella, mozzarella or just fior di latte? Soju puree or can tomato pieces be recognizable? More extras or as simple as possible?

And, of course, the first controversy over pizza: Is pineapple pizza – called Hawaiian pizza – one of the seven deadly sins? This point is also on the agenda of the Italian Agricultural Society, which recently called the court “a real sacrilege.”

This is a mini Domino's pizza made at the Domino's Pizza store in downtown Pittsburgh, on Monday, July 15, 2019. (AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar)

Could pizza look like this?Photo: AP

These are just a few questions about Italian food. The list is endless. For some people the topic is so important that they incorporate it into their profile on dating apps like Bumble or Hinge.

There are sentences like, “What we don’t discuss: This pizza is the best food in the world,” “This is what my first date looks like,” followed by a picture of a pizza or the basic discussion of whether pineapple is a straight ticket to hell.

Compilation of Debate Pizza on Hinge, dating app

Serious topic on the hinge.Photo: Reddit

I did not understand the whole behavior. So the multiplication is lower to the right. Overall, I found the whole discussion about pizza superfluous, almost embarrassing. My credo: Everyone has pizza, as they like it.

It doesn’t matter what it looks like and whether it’s eaten at your favorite Italian restaurant, at home on the couch or at 5 in the morning on Langstrasse – the main thing is that it tastes good and the person is high afterward thanks to an overdose of cheese.

I still share this opinion. However, only when it comes to other people’s pizza. When it comes to me, the world looks different. A few days ago, I was horrified to discover that I’d become exactly the kind of person I used to laugh at: I’d become an arrogant pizzeria.

Never in the past had I considered whether or not I should visit a pizzeria on vacation in Italy. Pizza is as much a part of an Italian holiday as sun loungers on crowded beaches, Italo Disco and Aperol Spritz in the afternoon. always. Until just a few days ago when I went to Genoa for a long weekend.

This is how Italy should feel.

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As it should be on a city trip, my travel companion and I researched beaches and other attractions in advance, what restaurants we wanted to visit. It also increases anticipation. Unfortunately not when it comes to pizzerias. My traveling partner sent me restaurants with pizza with the comment “they all look like *the name of a very well known Swiss pizza delivery service*”. So it was clear: we will not visit.

Screenshot of Cina's pizza text

original message.

A few years ago I would have gone there anyway. But what has changed in the meantime? Many – not in Italy, but in Zurich. In addition to Neapolitan classics like Napulé, NA081, and San Gennaro, new pizza places have been popping up like mushrooms for some time now. They have names like Derby, Modo or Alba.

The concept and presentation are different for all of them, but there is one thing they have in common. They got me used to a certain level of pizza without even realizing it. I became very picky. Pizza snob.

They took an important part of my vacation. Holidays in Italy are not what they used to be. Because as explained above, pizza is Italy and Italy is pizza. Or at least it was.

But I already have a plan for how it will be like this again: a trip to Naples. The city has been on my list for a long time anyway. From there I detour to Caserta, 40 minutes away, where according to restaurant guide Gambero Rosso in the restaurant I am Masanele It’s supposed to have the best pizza in the world.

On the way there, I hear this on loop:

Video: YouTube

Or tell me where else in Italy the pizza treasures are hidden. I hope the list, which I may share with you, of holidays in Italy will last until the end of my life. And for the rest of the year, I’m thankful for all the places that brought the Dolce Vita touch to Zurich.

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