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Now his sister is equal with him!

Now his sister is equal with him!

Michael Jackson and his sister Janet Jackson did not always have a good relationship. In a new documentary, the singer unpacks his luggage.

The basics in brief

  • Michael Jackson died in 2009 at the age of 50.
  • In a new documentary, his sister Janet opens up about their relationship.
  • It also tells unflattering details.

For five years, 55-year-old Janet Jackson accompanied a camera at every turn. In the new documentary, to be released next week, the American singer opens up about the ups and downs of her life.

Also about hers deceased brother Michael Jackson (50) unpacks the 55-year-old’s bag. So Janet didn’t always have a good relationship To the “King of Pop”.

Reason: When he was a teen, the singer made fun of his younger sister for her weight. “There were times when Mike pushed me and called me names,” Janet remembers. “Call me a pig, or a horse, or a whore, or a cow.”

Jackson’s sister admits, “He laughed about it and I laughed too, but it hurts somewhere inside of me. If someone tells you you’re too heavy, they beat you.”

In adulthood, the music legend and his sister increasingly grew. allegations of abuse Against Michael Jackson would have hurt the 55-year-old’s career today.

This is how Janet lost a huge brand deal at the time Coca Cola. She explains, “We have our separate lives, and while he’s my brother, I have nothing to do with that.”

Do you have brothers?

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