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Now his mother-in-law speaks plain language

Now his mother-in-law speaks plain language

How now? After Michael Wendler, Claudia Norberg’s mother now speaks clearly when it comes to her divorce settlement.

The basics in brief

  • Michael Wendler and his ex-wife Claudia are said to have conducted questionable payment transactions.
  • Portions of the divorce settlement are said to have passed the insolvency official.

Secret accounts and suspicious transfers and no one wants to know anything …

One thing is for sure: Pop star Michael Wendler (49) and his ex-wife Claudia Norberg (50) are divorced. The role of his ex-girlfriend is also sure to have a bell of over 500,000 Franken may pay.

After that, it becomes opaque. Because: According to “Bild,” some of the money was supposed to have passed the insolvency administrator. As the newspaper further reported, Claudia Waltraud Norberg’s mother (73) must be involved.

Impression Inc. American divorce settlement part run for more than half a million Franken May flowed, so «photo».

Criminal charges have been filed against Michael Wendler and his ex-wife

Michael Wendler denies that he should have participated in the change of ownership. “At no time did I pay the divorce amount to Waltraud Norberg, but directly to my ex-wife by check.”

“For larger amounts or the final special payment, the amount has been transferred to the account specified by Claudia,” Michael Wendler continues.

As the newspaper wrote, creditor Heiko Schulte Syring, 54, is said to have filed criminal charges against Claudia, Wendler and Waltraud. Now Claudia Norberg’s mother reaches out and says: “I don’t know anything about a criminal complaint against me and my daughter.”

Furthermore: “I’m not interested either. I have my life and my income here, what else do you want from me?”

Michael Wendler’s mother-in-law has no idea

Why did the alleged money flow into your company’s bank account? She has the following answer: “I don’t have a company and I know nothing about severance payments.”

However, the “image” would be documentation that says just the opposite. Because: Waltraud Norberg’s signature as president of the company was confirmed by a notary. «I only know 50,000 euroClaudia got from Michael, nothing more,” the 73-year-old continues.

worryShe or her daughter Claudia before Dish Should you show up or end up in jail? Waltraud has none.

“I’m not worried about my daughter – and certainly not for myself! Everything will be fine. That has always been the case until now.”

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