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Now ER is unpacking after the kids’ drama about Renata & Valentin Lusin

Now ER is unpacking after the kids’ drama about Renata & Valentin Lusin

Rúrik Gíslason on Renata and Valentin Lucien

Last Friday (31/03) he sat next to the professional dancer Rurik Gislason (35) in the audience. The two danced their way to the top together in 2021 and are now enjoying the show from the stands. The former professional footballer was happy to be back in the studio in Cologne Ossendorf. And, of course, the viewers were happy to see the favorite program again – especially Female fans! Hold it again and again: “Rick, I want a baby from you!” Maybe something Insensitiveconsidering that Renata is sitting next to the Icelander?

The sweetheart and professional dancer have been close friends since they got engaged. Rick speaking in the interview Then even for the tragic lossR from Renata and Valentine:

We’ve talked a lot on the phone over the past few weeks. I have So sorry With Renata and Valentine. They are good friends of mine and most importantly they are really good people. You just don’t deserve this.

He also takes care of the couple: “but It’s incredible How do the two forcefully deal with this tragic situation. Without Valentine, Renata wouldn’t be as strong as he is and without Renata, Valentine wouldn’t be as strong as he is. Their relationship is very special.” What beautiful words!

We wish Renata and Valentin all the best, a lot of strength and keep that family planning will work out soon.

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