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Not without my handbag! New Queen statue unveiled in Australia

02.03.2021 – 13:08

Queen there via video meeting
Not without my handbag! New Queen statue unveiled in Australia

Photo: Imego / Matrix

Queen Elizabeth II looks like her new idol in Australia – here with her husband Prince Philip (left) appointed on Commonwealth Day.

In Australia, a new statue of Queen Elizabeth II has been unveiled in a striking pose and with a forced handkerchief.

A new statue of the British Queen and Queen Elizabeth II, President of Australia, has been erected in front of a government building in Adelaide, South Australia. His Majesty’s statue was almost unveiled during a video conference with the Governor and Prime Minister of South Australia early last week. The Royal Family shows a video ceremony on the Instagram page.

You can also find photos of the new statue by Australian sculptor Robert Hannaford (76). Vague: The smiling queen in a regular, calf-length coat, fringe hat adorned with flowers and – above all – the mandatory handbag. Incidentally, the queen not only uses it as a fashion accessory, but also sends secret signals to her staff. Like the Australian statue, if the bag hangs over your left arm, everything will be fine. However, the process has not been officially confirmed.

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