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Not served but close to the Queen.  William and Kate move into a 'humble cottage'.

Not served but close to the Queen. William and Kate move into a ‘humble cottage’.

The details of the transition of William, Kate and their children have been finalized: the family will soon move to Adelaide Cottage in Berkshire. The cute home is just a stone’s throw from the Queen.

Speculation about resettlement in the UK has been circulating for some time. Now it’s certain: William, Kate and George, 8, Charlotte, 7, and Louis, 4, are moving from Kensington in west London to the four-bedroom Adelaide Cottage home in Berkshire.

By royal standards, it’s a simple home. There are no servant rooms in the cottage. The cottage was beautified in 1831 and is a listed building.

The royals don’t want to make any renovations so they can’t incur more costs. William’s brother Prince Harry and his wife, Duchess Meghan, have come under fire for their move. It cost taxpayers millions.

The family wants to be close to the Queen

It wasn’t the house itself that convinced the Windsor family. It is the site. Adelaide Cottage is located on a 655-acre Windsor estate on a royal estate in Berkshire. Queen Elizabeth II lives nearby for a walk, because William and Kate want to be closer to the 96-year-old who recently had to cancel some events for health reasons and relies on a walker.

Until recently, Prince Andrew was considered a favorite of the Queen. The relationship has been strained since the Epstein scandal. Andrew recently wanted to attend an event organized by the British Order of the Lace at Windsor Castle. But Prince Charles and Prince William objected. Then Prince Andrew canceled.

From summer in Adelaide cottage

The move now means that George, Charlotte and Louis will be taken early from their current school in Battersea to be able to start school in Bershire in time for the start of school in September.

Royal experts are sure that the 96-year-old Queen will be happy to be close to her grandson and grandchildren.

“The Queen needs more people like William around her. She is often lonely apart from her staff and will be happy to know that William, Kate and their three grandchildren are only ten minutes away. The family has been limited,” Majesty’s Editor-in-Chief Ingrid Seward told the Daily Mail Very much to do in Kensington Palace during the week.

Long live the queen!

The whole of Great Britain celebrates its 70th jubilee with the Queen. Elizabeth II is much more than a head of state. The mechanically trained King also got on a good hand with racehorses.


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