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Not just Boeings: Emirates has to wait longer to get an Airbus A350

Not just Boeings: Emirates has to wait longer to get an Airbus A350

Emirates is becoming increasingly patient with the modernization of its fleet. Now it’s clear: Not only did the Boeing 787 and 777X arrive later than originally planned.

Emirates fleet update falters. The airline has complained about Dubai several times Busy about delays in the Boeing 777X, of which 115 copies were ordered. The first copies will arrive in 2025 at the earliest.

This was recently threatened by airline president Tim Clark To cancel an order for 30 Boeing 787-9 aircraft that were also ordered and delayed. “We’re reviewing the whole situation and we’ll see if the 787 has a place in the fleet,” Clark said.

The A350 order resulted from the cancellation of the A380

But the problem is not limited to Boeing planes. Emirates Airlines chief of operations, Abdul-Adel Ahmed Al-Rida, told the newspaper Emirates todayHis airline will take delivery of its first Airbus A350 “in August 2024”. Emirates had ordered 50 A350-900s at the Dubai Airshow in 2019 – at that time there was talk of 2023 for first deliveries.

The background to the A350 order was the cancellation of 39 Airbus A380s by Emirates in February 2019. The airline first signed one as a replacement. Letter of intent for 30 A350-900 and 40 A330 Neo. It never became a constant. Instead, Emirates signed in November 2019 Company’s order to buy 50 A350-900.

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The Emirates fleet currently consists of two Boeing 777 and Airbus A380 aircraft. from these planes The airline is now converting more and more For a longer service life.