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Not good news for Yvonne

Not good news for Yvonne


19. September 2021 – 8:46 hour

Nohad is attracted to Hamburg

Nihad Timur Ulker says goodbye to his girlfriend Leila (Iris Marek Steen). He leaves Berlin and makes his way to Hamburg – there he hopes to finally find his mother. This search is Its own GZSZ cross (He will appear in the Marathon Series on September 22-23 from 7:40 PM on RTL and Now Now Entirely online on TVNOW). as “Nohad – everything from the beginning” We show you the first part of the weekly preview of “Happy Times, Bad Times”.

How will GZSZ survive without Nihat? The second and third part of the weekly preview with GZSZ representative Lennart Borchert cann You can also see it here – just scroll down.

Bad news for iPhone

Iphone (Jesa Zack) and her husband Joe Gerner Wolfgang Bahru returns from Rome. Because of her poor eyesight Yvonne visited an ophthalmologist in Italy. But there is no good news: even a specialist does not have advice – it seems that Yvonne’s disease cannot really be cured. In plain language: you could go completely blind soon. The second part of GZSZ’s weekly preview shows how to work with it.

GZSZ always in advance a week before TV broadcast

GZSZ always in advance a week before TV broadcast

Damned to Sunny: Philip wants to go to Argentina!

obviously with Hot relationship with Philip (Jorn Schlönvoegt) Sunny (Valentina Bahdi) Much more feelings than expected in the game. Emily (Anne Menden) sure: your best friend fell in love with her twin brother! That’s why Sunny isn’t a big fan of it Philip She plans to go to Argentina for a full two months, as we show in Part 3 of GZSZ’s weekly preview.

Watch new episodes of GZSZ in advance on TVNOW

curious? ‘Happy Times, Bad Times’ can be watched seven days prior to TVNOW’s broadcast. (Plot)

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