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Not enough keyboards due to lack of chips

Not enough keyboards due to lack of chips

Nintendo has a luxury issue: the switch is too common. Due to the lack of chips, there are not enough controllers.

The basics in brief

  • Nintendo expects fewer console sales in the current fiscal year.
  • Forecasts have had to be cut twice in the past four quarters.

Nintendo prepares for lower sales his game console Fill. For the fiscal year running through the end of March 2023, the video game specialist expects to sell 21 million consoles.

Last fiscal year, Nintendo was hit by a shortage of chips and just managed the twice-lowered expectations of 23 million consoles.

Consoles form the basis of the work: the traditional Japanese company continues to make the characters of its popular game available on a very limited scale regardless of their own devices, for example on smartphones.

Nintendo has sold over 100 million Switch consoles

The Switch was a much-needed post-flip hit for Nintendo ancestor wi U. Since the console was launched five years ago, 107.6 million units have been sold. The end of the fiscal year reached 102 million active players after 87 million twelve months.

At the same time, there is a decrease in the sales curve of this key. That is, even if chip problems have played an important role in the past year.

After selling 28.8 million Switch consoles in the fiscal year ending in March 2021, it should have been 25.5 million last year. But then the forecast was lowered first to 24 million and then to 23 million later.

Sony is also in crisis

Nintendo is still going through the crisis better than its competition Sony. The competitor was only able to sell 11.5 million units of its new console in the past fiscal year Play Station Sell ​​5. Expectations were 14.8 million.

Nintendo’s sales fell 3.6 percent in the past fiscal year to nearly 1.7 trillion yen (about 13 billion yen). Francs). Profits were stable at 477.6 billion yen. For the current fiscal year, the company expects sales to drop to 1.6 trillion yen. And with a profit of 340 billion yen is also significantly lower.

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