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Not 9,000 computer science jobs, but 19,000 jobs

Not 9,000 computer science jobs, but 19,000 jobs

The Anglo-Saxons call CS president Ulrich Korner Ole The Knife. The new Credit Suisse wants to save $2.5 billion annually.

This is only possible with disassembly. This is much larger than previously assumed.

In addition to 9,000 internal jobs, there are another 10,000 external jobs. That stems from last week’s CS show.

Accordingly, every second external advisor and every third external computer scientist disappears.

Internal minus 17%, External minus 40% (CS, IP)

Behind this impressive occupation is now disappearing. In all, Customer Services recently employed 26,000 outside employees.

These were added to the 52,000 internal students.

The 26,000 outside employees were split evenly between consultants and contractors, and the majority of them worked in the IT field.

Under Koerner’s plan, 6,500 of the 13,000 advisers will now be fired. Of the 13,000 contractors, this will affect about 4,000 people who will not be able to work in CS and generate income.

A total of 40 percent of the current number of jobs, roughly 10,500.

Besides the 9,000 in-house workers who have to fear for their jobs, this means that about 20,000 jobs will be eliminated in the financial carrier.

The focus of the union and CS management is 9,000 of the 52,000 direct employees. A social plan applies to them, with internal job exchange, training, long notice periods, leave, early retirement.

Strangers can only dream about it. If they don’t want to end up on the street, they should. body rental Looking for a job in another company.

Breakdown on yellow (revenue), high on blue (expenses); CS, IP

According to Körner’s plan, the purchase is part of the reduction among offshore companies. He ended up at ChainIQ.

Even as Körner was cutting costs at UBS, he made the entire purchase of his friend Claudio Cisullo’s company successful.

At the time, ChainIQ came out of nowhere – thanks to a major demand from UBS.

Putting a knife on strangers is easier than cutting more jobs internally. Suppliers and individual companies can be sent to the desert almost overnight.

The question is why CS has had tens of thousands of these contractors and consultants on their payroll as para-employees for years, when they can now put 40 percent of that amount offshore with nothing.

Were the jobs completely redundant? Wild growth from Uetlihof via Wroclaw to Hyderabad?