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North Korea weapons tests – South Korea, US begin military drills – News

  • South Korea and the United States began their annual joint military exercises on Monday.
  • South Korean government officials said on Monday that the field exercise is part of the renewed exercise as it increases readiness in view of North Korea’s increased weapons tests.

The Ulchi Freedom Shield, a summer exercise that lasted until September 1, was resumed at the insistence of South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol. When he took office in May, he announced he would “normalize” joint exercises and increase deterrence against North Korea.


Military drills should become more frequent again, at least that’s what South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol wants.


Both countries want to strengthen their defense through annual summer military exercises. Among other things, North Korea has already conducted several missile tests this year.

North Korea fired two cruise missiles last week after South Korea and the United States began preparatory exercises.

Biggest move in years

In recent years, military maneuvers have been scaled back due to the coronavirus pandemic and Yun’s pioneering efforts to restart talks with the government in Pyongyang. North Korea sees the military exercise as a test for South Korean aggression.

The maneuver is said to be the biggest in years.