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Nordend in Frankfurt wants a place for Iranian Gina Mahsa Amini

Nordend in Frankfurt wants a place for Iranian Gina Mahsa Amini

FRankfurt could soon have a place reminiscent of Gina Mahsa Amini. Local Advisory Board 3 moved forward unanimously Thursday to name the space in the previously unnamed entrance area of ​​Günthersburg Park on Rohrbachstrasse at the north end after the emblematic figure of Iran's protest movement. The young Iranian woman died in Iran in 2022 after being beaten by police. The reason behind this was that, according to the ethics oversight body, she wore her hijab carelessly.

The initial initiative to rename Raymond Street, on which the Consulate General of the Islamic Republic of Iran is located, failed for several reasons. Renaming the street creates many disadvantages for residents. In addition, high costs are incurred, which only seems appropriate if the former name is no longer affordable, for example due to involvement in National Socialist crimes.

A “special sign” for the hundreds of Iranians who live in the North End

The initiative to apply to the local advisory board came from CDU parliamentary group leader Claudia Erhardt, who says she has been maintaining contacts with the Iranian community for a long time. She points out that the Nordend area is distinguished more than other areas of the city by its residents whose homeland is Iran. As early as 2020, and thus before the latest wave of departures, 450 of them were already living in this area.

In addition, some famous Frankfurters of Iranian origin have lived in the Nordend district, such as the city's mayor, Narges Eskandari-Grünberg (Greens), and fashion retailer Kaveh Nemati, who ran for the CDU in the state elections. The Green Party's federal president, Omid Nouripour, who moved to Frankfurt from Iran as a teenager, is also a directly elected member of the Bundestag for the Nordic Party. “It will be a special symbol for these citizens if we remember the Gina Mahsa Amini in Nordend,” says Ehrhardt.

This also creates the local reference needed for naming streets and squares. Günthersburgpark is also located in a central location in the city, and the square is suitable as a meeting point for events held in memory of Gina Mahsa Amini. The naming is also consistent with more recent names of places where the Nordic region has particularly honored women who fought for equality.