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Nokia T20: The first teaser for the tablet has appeared

Nokia T20: The first teaser for the tablet has appeared

HMD Global would like to add a tablet to its portfolio for the first time: the Nokia T20. The first teaser images for the new product have now been published.

The basics in brief

  • HMD Global wants to expand its portfolio with a tablet.
  • With the “T20” this now must be a dare.

HMD Global has not yet dared to break out of the well-known routine of classic smartphones and mobiles. But this must be the end now, because: the manufacturer wants the “Nokia T20” for the first time Add a tablet to the wallet.

Now Nokia itself has shown a first teaser image on Android– A disc can be seen. At least from the side. It’s funny that the tablet isn’t in the foreground. But a new version of “Nokia 3310”.

This can be seen as an indication that HMD Global is on a journey back to its roots.

“T20” is not the first tablet from the manufacturer. Because as early as 2015, the Nokia N1 Take the first step.

However, great success was not achieved. with new offer AndroidTablets are expected to appear on October 6.

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