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Nocturnal Snapper, 10th Anniversary of keyboard legend Mecha with DSA keycaps and more

Nocturnal Snapper, 10th Anniversary of keyboard legend Mecha with DSA keycaps and more

to update: As always, at the beginning of the gallery you will find new images from popular topics.Show me your input devicesAmong other things, several new keyboard acquisitions or memories will be on display, including late-night deals, color-matching duos, and the 10th anniversary of the mecha keyboard legend with DSA profile keycaps.

The PCGH Extreme forum has various threads where community members' devices are showcased. The “Show me your input devices” topic has over 2,000 posts and has already received over 550,000 visits.

Among other things, luxury keyboards such as the G19 are presented there, but also long-lasting keyboards from the Stone Age console. Also on board: modified parts, fanboy gear, exotic input devices and, above all, wonderfully photographed mice and keyboards. Sickpuppy and his defense fleet also receive honors. If you have your own Community input devices If you want to be featured, use the theme on PCGH Extreme.

notice: PCGH Extreme It is a computer mechanics society. On August 20, 2007, the PC Games Hardware Extreme Forum opened its doors to interested readers for the first time on the occasion of Gaming Congress 2007. Initially, the forum ran in parallel with the old PCGH forum and the content revolved almost exclusively around overclocking and modding. Since 2008, PC Games Hardware Extreme has been the one-stop forum for all members of the PCGH community and covers a wide range of topics. Since launch, over 530,000 topics and 10,300,000 posts have been created by over 200,000 registered users. Folding@Home has been very active for many years.Communitywhich together provide computational power against diseases such as cancer.