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No Swiss medal - Balsmo suddenly rushes to the world title - Sports

No Swiss medal – Balsmo suddenly rushes to the world title – Sports

No Swiss medal – Balsamu suddenly jumped to the world title – Sports – SRF

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The women’s World Cup road race in Flanders is the prey of Elisa Balsamo. Elise Chabee is the best Swiss woman.

Elisa Balsamo will wear the world champion shirt next season. The 23-year-old Italian reigned Saturday after 157.7 kilometers from Antwerp to Leuven in the final race of the road race for the world championship.

Marianne Voss of the Netherlands and Katarzyna Nevyadoma of Poland pushed up the ranks of the other medalists.

The Dutch wanted to make quick adjustments after taking the Olympic gold carelessly in Tokyo and sending their best team, but it wasn’t enough to secure the title for the first time since 2016. At the World Trial Championships in Bruges, Ellen van Dijk (gold) and Animek van were awarded Flute (bronze) Dutch Federation two medals. Now, the many trump cards have only emerged to a limited extent.

Chabi is the best Swiss woman

Marilyn Rosser, who won the silver medal on Monday, was not involved in deciding on the precious metal this time. Bernays lost contact with the chiefs about 15 kilometers from the end. Elise Schabe was the best Swiss woman in 13th place. Sina Fry, who was also able to keep up to the finish, was 15th with two places. Even before Rosser (90), young talent Noemi Rogge was 62nd. Caroline Bauer was 105th, Nicole Koehler gave up the race.

The top drivers largely neutralized each other. In the past few kilometers, the events became increasingly frantic due to the numerous attacks.

SRF Info, sportlive, 09.25.2021, 3:10 p.m.;

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