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No survivors - Rebels shoot down UN helicopter in Congo Kinshasa - News

No survivors – Rebels shoot down UN helicopter in Congo Kinshasa – News

  • According to the army, the rebels shot down a helicopter of the UN peacekeeping mission MONUSCO in northeastern Congo Kinshasa.
  • According to the information, there were eight people on board – in addition to the crew, there were also UN observers from Pakistan, Russia and Serbia.
  • The United Nations in New York announced that there were no survivors.

The plane was over the area of ​​Rutshuru controlled by the M23 rebel movement. The military now wants to try to reach the crash site and search for possible survivors, General Sylvain Ekinci, a spokesman for the military department, confirmed.

The UN monitors wanted to get an idea of ​​the refugee movements into Uganda that have been going on for days in North Kivu. So far, about 6000 civilians have fled.

The Ugandan Red Cross justified this by the violent attacks launched by the M23 rebels on civilians and military installations in northeastern Congo.

The refugees are in a makeshift camp in Bunagana. The number of people is expected to increase, said Red Cross spokeswoman Irene Nacasita of the German news agency dpa. This landlocked East African country of 44 million is already home to some 1.5 million refugees from South Sudan, Congo and Kinshasa.

Who is behind the March 23 movement?

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M23 is made up of former Congolese army soldiers who defected in 2012 to form a rebel group. The government in Kinshasa sees the influence of neighboring Rwanda on strengthening it and has recalled its ambassador. The Rwandan government has denied allegations and reports of the arrest of two Rwandan soldiers in the ranks of the March 23rd Movement. MONUSCO President Bento Keita condemned the renewed attack by the March 23rd Movement and called for an immediate and unconditional surrender.

The rebels accuse the government in Kinshasa of ignoring an agreement providing for the reintegration of fighters into the army and civil society. According to the United States, about 130 different armed groups are said to be active in the Democratic Republic of the Congo; Many of them are interested in controlling valuable natural resources. Congo-Kinshasa, with a population of about 90 million, is rich in mineral resources such as copper, cobalt, gold and diamonds.