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No place for snow plows and cars: parking shouldn't help

No place for snow plows and cars: parking shouldn’t help

Why will the parked cars “M Bull” be recalled from Monday?

Eschach. Winds and fresh snow are expected from midnight at the latest. Mayor Jochen Koenig sees this with mixed feelings. Because he knows the challenges the construction team has to face when white glints roll from the sky. Drifts have already exacerbated the situation at the onset of winter. And some corrupt drivers who simply ignore the fact that the snowplow will not pass when they park their cars on narrow residential streets. “We need at least 3.50 square metres,” says the mayor. Also, the personal conversation so far has not brought any improvement. The response of these residents was that they wanted to slow down the drivers at high speed. Although there isn’t any traffic here,” according to Koenig.

For this reason, seek help from the district office. The current situation is documented and the problem is described. That is why the authorities are now responding: by March 31, an order was issued to ban limited stops in both directions on M Poll Street in Holzhausen. “The building’s yard will be putting up signs from Monday, January 10,” says Jochen König. It also wants to inform those affected in writing again. And what if you still stand like that? Then we have no other choice. Then the cars are pulled away,” says the mayor. Anke Schwerer Haag