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No pedals, no steering wheel: real drivers don’t have more space in these taxis

From Tobias Stahl AM 04.01.2022

Self-driving: we answer three important questions about it

Google’s Waymo is planning the next step in the autonomous taxi. In cooperation with the Chinese automaker Geely, they are developing a fully autonomous robotic taxi that does not even have a steering wheel or pedals. answers the most important questions about self-driving in the video.

The company, which belongs to Google subsidiary Alphabet, has already proven that Waymo can be driverless: There are currently vehicles on the road in Phoenix and San Francisco that pick up passengers and take them to the desired location – driverless and even driverless. Safety driver on board.

Waymo currently uses an electric Jaguar I-Pace and a Fiat Chrysler Pacifica hybrid, i.e. non-autonomous vehicles with Waymo Driver’s autopilot software. Now the company wants to go one step further – in Company Blog Waymo wrote: “We are delighted to announce our latest collaboration with Geely, one of the world’s leading car manufacturers. Waymo will integrate our Waymo driver into a version of the new mobility-focused, all-electric vehicle Zeekr, which has been specifically designed in Sweden for self-driving vehicles. Ride-haning system”.

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Zeekr is a brand that carmaker Geely – which also includes Volvo and Polestar – founded in the spring of 2021.

Since the vehicle must be designed from the ground up for Transport as a Service (TaaS), it must above all withGiving drivers a pleasant ride. Geely wants to achieve this with a flat floor, a B-posterless design for “easy in and out” plus generous head and legroom, and fully adjustable seats. Particularly interesting: “While at the same time ensuring a level of safety that complies with American automobile standards, Waymo One drivers will one day experience a cabin without a steering wheel and pedals.”

Thus, Zeekr is able to guarantee Level 5 autonomous driving. The fifth level is also the last level that is completely independent of driving – in the fifth level of autonomous vehicles, passengers no longer take over the driving duties, and safety drivers are no longer necessary; Alternatively, flights can also be undertaken without passengers. The vehicle can handle all the same traffic situations and no longer needs human intervention.

However, Waymo still fell off the schedule. In its blog post, the company promised Zeekr with Waymo One “in the coming years.”

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