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No more room for interim coach Davis – ‘I didn’t expect that’

No more room for interim coach Davis – ‘I didn’t expect that’

She accumulated a lot of valuable experience at Ampfing and led the team to stay awake: Michael Divis. − Image: btz

Michael Davis has led TSV Ampfing to stay in the south-eastern Bundesliga, but at the end of the season the 41-year-old must go. The club’s management told him almost two weeks ago: “It came out of the blue for me, that was a sledgehammer, I wasn’t expecting that “.

After the club introduced Christian Hutterer as their new coach for the new season in mid-March, the previous coach, Rainer Elvinger, as he is known, resigned in order not to become a “lame duck”. Then Davis, who was appointed as goalkeeper coach in the summer of 2022, took over with Nuno Kosu, who was so busy professionally, that the main job at Divis stopped. “I took charge in a difficult situation, but I was always convinced we would get the points needed to stay up. We were able to do it early on.”

It’s disappointing for Divis that he had to quit despite his success, but he certainly doesn’t want to miss out on the experience he’s gained at Ampfing: “We had a very good time, we worked in it a lot of dynamism and a lot of fundamentals changed, above all the positioning game Disciplined and basic arrangement.We put a lot of heart and soul into it in every training session.I would like to thank the players.I am proud and grateful that I was able to develop with them as a coach and that they repaid my commitment with my great performance.Overall I was able to learn a lot, also from an old tactical fox like Rainer Elfinger, but also from highly experienced players like Nono Koussou or Birol Karatepe. I managed to take something away from every player with all the different personality traits.”

At Ampfing there is likely to be a major upheaval again in the summer, and several players will leave, but under Hutterer more talent from the region should get their chance. It’s not yet clear how Divis will continue: “I’m open to all sides, so I don’t put pressure on myself. When one door closes, a door usually opens elsewhere. It’s clear to me that when I take on a new assignment, I’m fully committed. It’s important to me that There must be a concept and purpose.”

– M.B