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No more planes for Ego Airways: German airline ends Ego in Italy

No more planes for Ego Airways: German airline ends Ego in Italy

The Italian regional airline hasn’t flown for weeks. That’s why German Airlines has taken back the plane it had chartered for Ego Airways.

You can break up and try not to hurt the other side. Or you can really hit it. German Airlines chose the latter, which was Cooperation with Ego Airways Fears.

Since October 2020, the German airline of the new Italian airline has one The Embraer E190 was provided on a non-exclusive lease – that is, without kits. Later will have a second It should be added. But this is over now.

Embraer E190 is back in Cologne

German Airlines announced that the cooperation will be terminated immediately. “After several months of differing views on the interpretation of the contract, the plane has now been returned to German Airlines,” a statement said. On December 29, the E190 with the registration I-EGOA flew back to Cologne.

Apparently, people in Cologne also don’t seem too confident about Ego Airways’ business model. In the same letter, German Airlines wrote that Ego Airways “tried” to build a road network. The Italians’ first passenger flight took them from Catania in Sicily to Parma at the end of March. Such smaller airports were the airline’s business model.

A wave of startups in Italy

Other destinations were Verona, Pisa, Florence and Pescara. But many methods were introduced only briefly. And since October 31, Ego has not made a single trip and went to a dive station.

Ego Airways › Managing Director Matteo Bonicci was there twice when attempts were made to start a new airline in Italy. But my projects Koine Airways and 24 airlines that have never flown. Now the new airline faces a lot of competition, at least. In Italy, there has been a real wave of startups to regional airlines this year.