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The United States and NATO turn Ukraine into a "powder keg"

No interest in America’s summit in the United States

Managua After discussions about the exclusion of Nicaragua from the America Summit at the beginning of June in the United States, the country’s president, Daniel Ortega, indicated his absence. “I say to the Yankees from here: Forget about it, we are not interested in attending this summit,” the autocratic head of state and government of the Central American country said Wednesday night (local time) at an event in Managua. The presidents of Mexico and Bolivia questioned their participation in the June 6-10 summit in Los Angeles, if countries such as Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela were not invited due to their governments’ anti-democratic positions from the perspective of the United States. A representative of the US State Department has previously brought this up. A senior US government official stressed on Monday that decisions on invitations to the summit had not yet been finalized. Guatemalan President Alejandro Giamatti on Wednesday ruled out his participation after tensions with the US government.

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