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Nintendo Switch Sports - Tennis

Nintendo Switch Sports features a credits mini-game with a bonus – ntower

Nintendo is best known for its interactive credits in video games: In New Super Mario Bros. Credits. Wii, for example, you can hunt for high points for currency alone or with friends, and in Super Smash Bros game credits, developer names can be dropped to achieve the highest score possible. Moreover Nintendo Switch Sports Features interactive credits where you are at minigame credits Run the balls with a tennis racket as often as possible without making any mistake.

By the way, you can access Nintendo Switch Sports credits directly via Settings in the main menu. If the given high score of 50 is broken, even a small one is waiting for you Reward or reward Cheers – if you don’t have the game or fail the challenge, you can watch video clips of the mini-game here:

However, remember to wear a wrist strap or play with caution – we recently reported on the first case of one destroyed TV Because of the Joy-Con controller flying while playing tennis.

How do you like the minigame for credits?

Credit: Nintendo Switch Sports, YouTube (Coach Peter)