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Nintendo Switch Online + Erweiterungspaket (feat. Octo-Expansion)

Nintendo Switch Online: Shuntaro Furukawa on subscription expansion – ntower

A few days ago, Nintendo published its current business numbers, and as usual, it introduced itself Shuntaro Furukawa Followed by some questions about the company. This also included the Nintendo Switch Online subscription form. One question was how Nintendo would like to design the service in the future in order to increase the number of users.

In general, Furukawa was a bit ambiguous in the answer. He explained that although there are some users who do not renew their subscriptions, the general trend is positive and constantly increasing, so that the brand became in September 2022 36 million users cracked. He attributed this positive trend not only to playing titles online, but above all to the launch of the Nintendo Switch Online + expansion pack and the version associated with Nintendo 64– Nicknames.

The goal of the entire service is to enjoy playing with your Nintendo Switch for a long time. To do this, one considers various possibilities, such as Additional improvements From Nintendo Switch Online. Nintendo sees its online subscription as an initiative to enjoy the Nintendo Switch for many years to come.

How do you think Nintendo should maintain the attractiveness of the service?