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Nach vielen Gerüchten - Nintendo bringt verbesserte Switch im Oktober

Nintendo denies reports of Switch Pro with 4K

Practically since the release of the Nintendo Switch, fans have been hoping for a 4K model. Now Nintendo is officially defending itself against such reports.

The basics in brief

  • The rumor mill on the topic of the Nintendo Switch Pro has been simmering for a long time.
  • Only recently, a new report appeared to virtually confirm the 4K console.
  • Now Nintendo is actively fighting rumors.

In less than a week the time will come and The new OLED alternative goes to the switch At first. However, that doesn’t stop fans and insiders from speculating about another Pro version of the Switch. Following a report from Bloomberg, Nintendo is now issuing a public statement and denying the rumors.

Does Nintendo just want a distraction?

The report cited less than a dozen anonymous sources, all claiming to have a development kit for the 4K switch. Based on this, it was stated that the Pro model will already be in development. employment Twitter However, the company defends itself repeatedly deniesTo work on a new key.

However, the post only states that there is currently no Switch development tools It can be given in 4K resolution. So developer groups can already exist and have been distributed a long time ago.

So if the anonymous sources in “Bloomberg” are correct, the Switch Pro is likely on the way. Nintendo may just want to keep this a secret so it doesn’t affect the release of the OLED switch.

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