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Nino Niederreiter is out for the Winnipeg Jets for a week

Nino Niederreiter is out for the Winnipeg Jets for a week

The Swiss footballers around Skip Yannick Schwaller now have a positive record at the World Championships in Schaffhausen. One dimension 10:4 against Japan And one 9:7 against South Korea They are victorious 4:2.

Pablo Lachat, Sven Michel, Yannick Schwaller, and Benoit Schwarz from CC Geneva The less experienced Japanese dominated around Skip Shinya Abe from the start. They took a 5-1 lead thanks to a stolen equalizer in the fifth end. Benoit Schwartz, in fourth place, achieved an excellent success rate of 93 percent after he was not completely convincing in the previous matches.

In the evening's winless match against South Korea led by Skip Park Jong-duk, the Swiss unfortunately suffered a 0-3 loss in the first end. At Benoit Schwarz's first stone, Sven Michel fell on the ice because his broom broke. Michel touched the stone as it fell, so it was invalid and must be removed. The South Koreans took advantage of this – also because the second Black Stone failed. The broom never breaks.

With a great performance in the second half of the match, the Swiss made up for it point by point. In the eighth end they tied for the first time (6:6), and in the tenth end they managed to score the only three-pointers of the game to make the score 9:7. (dab/sda)