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NiKOTA META-2000: a powerful power station with 4G / 5G connectivity with a big crowdfunding discount

NiKOTA META-2000: a powerful power station with 4G / 5G connectivity with a big crowdfunding discount

NiKOTA META-2000 is a new power plant that provides not only electrical energy, but also network connection. This would make sense if, for example, many devices had to be connected to a wireless network and supplied with power when taking a field trip, such as when shooting a movie. Depending on the model version, a modem that supports 4G or 5G is also installed, as well as Ethernet ports. It is also possible to connect the power station to a wired network, for which an additional Ethernet port (WAN) is installed.

Depending on the specific model variant, lithium iron phosphate cells or NMC cells are used. Depending on the version selected, the capacity is 2,016 watts (LiFePO4) or 1,152 watts (NCM), with the permanently available power of the NCM version being 2,300 watts, the lithium iron phosphate version should be capable of delivering up to 1,500 watts permanently. As usual, the performance that can be called for a short time is much higher than these values. The operating life of NCM cells is estimated at 1,000 charges, that is, that of LiFEPO4 cells at 3,500. After that, the capacity of 80 percent of the initial value should still be available.

The dimensions of the power plant are always 37.5 x 25 x 27 cm. The weight of versions with the Internet function is 16 kg, that is, one kilogram heavier than the versions without an Internet connection. There are three sockets available, as well as two USB Type-A ports with a maximum charging power of 18W, and up to 65W can be output via USB Type-C. A voltage socket is installed on the board, a DC5525 outlet and two charging surfaces for wireless charging. META-2000 can also be charged using solar cells.

As part of the Kickstarter campaign, backers have promised a minimum contribution of €928 including shipping by a power plant, with delivery scheduled for April 2023. Potential backers should be aware of the financial risks of crowdfunding campaigns.

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