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Nicole Kidman angrily smashes the door during filming

Nicole Kidman angrily smashes the door during filming

Actress Nicole Kidman had a lot of pent up emotions while filming the TV series “Big Little Lies.”


Nicole Kidman says in an interview that acting is often very stressful on the psyche. Example from my own experience: During filming, the 56-year-old woman vented her feelings at the door.

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  • Nicole Kidman had an emotional emergency while filming the TV series “Big Little Lies.”
  • Out of anger, the 56-year-old Hollywood actress destroyed the door.
  • “It ruined everything. It cost a fortune,” Kidman said.

According to her own words, Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman had “a lot of pent up emotions” while filming the drama series “Big Little Lies.”

At the end of the filming day, she threw a brick at the door she wanted to pass through, which was locked. “I've never done that before in my life.”

The 56-year-old Australian tells the story of The Door to her castmates Jodie Foster, Jennifer Aniston, Anna Sawai, Naomi Watts, Brie Larson and Sofia Vergara during a roundtable discussion with The American “Hollywood Reporter” magazine.

“It ruined everything. It cost a fortune,” Nicole Kidman continued.

Nicole Kidman: “Obviously I have a lot of pent up stuff.”

The 2017 HBO series Big Little Lies tells the story of a group of women who must overcome traumatic experiences in the past and present.

Nicole Kidman plays the main character in the series, Celeste Wright, who suffers from a violent man.

Looking back, the Hollywood actress explains her irritable behavior after filming as follows: “Obviously I devoted a lot.”

On the set of Big Little Lies, she later explained that she was “a little angry.” However, “the show had to go on,” which is why she didn't take any time off.

Nicole Kidman says she wants to be more aware of how stressful acting can be.

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