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NHL Monday Night – Jozy scores 2 goals in Game 1 after Niederreiter – Sport

NHL Monday Night – Jozy scores twice in Game 1 after Niederreiter – Sport – SRF

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Nashville captain Roman Jose seems to have absorbed compatriot Nino Niedereiter’s move to Winnipeg well.

Roman Josey starred in his NHL debut without Bündner forward Nino Niederreiter as a double scorer. The Bernese man led his team to a 6-2 away win over the Arizona Coyotes with two goals.

The Swiss defender made it 3-1 in the 23rd minute and increased the deficit to 5-2 in the final third of a powerhouse game with his 17th goal of the season. He also had an assist on the last goal. Josie was deservedly voted MVP of the game.

Nashville keeps hope alive

With their third straight win, the Predators are aligned with the playoff ranks. They currently sit fifth in the West Division, 6 points behind the wildcard spot.

For the Arizona Coyotes with Swiss defenseman Janice Moser, the playoff train may have left. They are already 15 points behind Nashville.

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