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NHL Monday Night – Josi fires up Hischier and co.  To destroy – sport

NHL Monday Night – Josi fires up Hischier and co. To destroy – sport

NHL Monday Night – Josi fires up Hischier and co. – Sports – SRF

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The Nashville defender helps his team win after a penalty shootout against the Swiss Devils.

Of all people, Roman Josi, as a leading scorer for the Nashville Predators, likely robbed the New Jersey Devils and the Swiss faction surrounding Nico Hischier of their chance to make the playoffs.

The Devils lost an important match for them with a score of 2:3 after penalty kicks. One point may not be enough to stay in the race beyond the regular season.

With only four games remaining, New Jersey will have to get past four teams and get at least five points. This is hardly possible anymore.


To allow his colleagues to celebrate him

Roman Josi after a 1-1 draw with New Jersey.

Photo by Rich Graysle/NHLI via Getty Images

José scores to make it 1-1

On the other hand, Nashville is likely to play in the knockout stage thanks to the two points. Bern's Josi leveled the Devils' 1-0 lead with his 21st goal of the season and his 78th scoring point in his 78th tournament match.

The guests of Nashville also knew how to respond to the second deficit and were forced to spend extra time against the team with Hischier, Timo Meier and Jonas Siegenthaler.

No luck in the penalty shootout

In the penalty shootout, Meyer had the chance to secure two points for the Devils. Appenzeller failed to take the first shot, and his two teammates later failed to put the ball in the goal as well.

Defenseman Janis Moser earned his second straight win for the Arizona Coyotes in their anniversary game against the bottom-of-the-table San Jose Sharks (5:2).

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