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NFL – The US President welcomes the Kansas City Chiefs to the White House – Sports

NFL – The US President welcomes the Kansas City Chiefs to the White House – Sports

It is a tradition for football teams to visit the White House after a Super Bowl win. When the Chiefs visited Kansas City, some people asked in advance if a special guest would be coming with them.

Washington (dpa) – US President Joe Biden welcomed the Super Bowl-winning Kansas City Chiefs team to the White House in Washington. The Democrat praised the football team as “exceptional.” The team brought Biden a helmet as a gift, and the president immediately put it on amid cheers from the audience.

There was also the team's star Travis Kelce who, in addition to his sporting successes, has made headlines in recent months due to his relationship with pop star Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift is kind of a shining light in the USA. The 34-year-old attended several Chiefs games at the stadium last season and attracted a lot of attention to the NFL. She did not accompany her partner, Kelsey, to visit the White House.

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The Chiefs won their third Super Bowl in the last five years in February. If they win again next season, it will be the first time in NFL history that a team has won the championship three years in a row. “We really enjoyed our time here today and look forward to the challenge of making this an annual visit,” Chief of Presidents Clark Hunt said at the White House.

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