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NFL - Thanksgiving: A black star holds his opponent on a leash - American Football

NFL – Thanksgiving: A black star holds his opponent on a leash – American Football

Fourth Thursday of November every year: Football Thanksgiving Day in the USA!

The first two games were traditionally played in Detroit and Dallas for many years. The Lions have been playing on public holidays since 1934, and the Cowboys have been since 1966.

Detroit Lions – Chicago Bears 14:16

The losing lions enter the game with nine defeats and one draw – and lose again! Even if it was very close…

bitterness – bitter: In the second quarter, the match ended for the star returning from the lions, D’Andre Swift, after a violent tackle.

Game scene: David Montgomery runs away from the bears, and his opponent jumps. Montgomery grabs by the shirt – but he keeps walking and a corner of his shirt stretches for several yards! In some photos, Montgomery appears to be tied up. WAU – What a job!

In the fourth quarter it will be a real thriller! Bears are walking in the field, near the end area of ​​the lions. Lions’ defense couldn’t stop the guests. Bears take a breather with one second left on the clock. And kicker Cairo Santos converted from 28 yards to victory.

Bitter for black: The rest of the season will only play against heavyweights (Vikings, Broncos, Cardinals, Hawks, Seahawks and Packers) – chances of a first win are extremely slim!

Dallas Cowboys – Las Vegas Raiders 33:36

Big excitement at the beginning of the third quarter: Roderick Temer (Raiders) and Calvin Joseph (Cowboys) fight on the sidelines – and launch a team brawl! Every man for himself! One of the referees ended up with a bleeding wound on his chin. The fighters are flying!

What a run: Tony Pollard finishes off the 100-yard kickback return with a touchdown for the Cowboys.

Huge tension at the end: Cowboys tied three minutes before the end. Twice by Dalton Schultz! First by landing – then by diversion from two points, 30:30.

The raiders took the lead with a field goal by goalkeeper Daniel Carlson 1:57 minutes before the end with 33:30. Cowboys throw everything forward – and they equal!

Greg Zurlin scores his field goal from 45 yards with 19 seconds left. 33:33.


The raiders won a field goal by Carlson from 29 yards.

New Orleans Saints – Buffalo Bills 6:31

Holiday march for bills! Midfielder Josh Allen shines (plays on four touchdowns) as does Dawson Knox (two touchdowns).

Saints are rarely in the spotlight! A Kwon Alexander catches interceptions on Superman’s low ride.


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